Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's here... the NEW COVER!

Book JacketThe new cover is finally here, everyone.  Curtis on IP made me this so all credit goes to him.  You can see the new cover in all its glory when you read the story on IP.
I am also eventually going to have a new cover up for Certain Fate.  My best friend, Muffin Hero, is making it.  As of right now, though, she's pretty busy so she's not entirely sure when she will get to drawing the cover for me.
Hope you guys like the new cover.  Tell me your thoughts on it.  Love it, like it, hate it?  Let me know.  (Of course, if you hate it I ask you tell me very nicely).
Also, I am working on chapter nine but I do not know when it will be finished.  I got distracted, as you can tell with writing it.
Happy writing,


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