Saturday, July 24, 2010

Are you writing fantasy?

Are you writing fantasy?! Are you writing a fantasy novel or are considering writing one soon?  Have you written fantasy before?
Fantasy writers: I really want to get in contact with you guys because I feel that we could bounce ideas off of each other --so to speak.  I have some new ideas for my own fantasy novel I'm writing right now and I feel that it would be more beneficial if I shared them with other fantasy writers so we could all share our opinions.

So if you write fantasy or are considering to do so, let's talk about a forum or a blog we could all get together on to share ideas.  
Or maybe even I could make up a new blog just for that... But if I did that I would have to know who would be in for it.
Comment and let me know because I want to hear your thoughts as soon as possible. And I really think we all could benefit from this. We wouldn't have to be nervous about adding something new into our fantasy novel(s) if we had somewhere where we told other writers such as ourselves.  I mean, really, who else can you ask about something you're going to do in your book besides your friends?
Happy writing,


Riv Re said...

Huh? I thought I heard someone call my name...You said "fantasy" didn't you? As you know, I'm a fantasy fanatic. (I crack myself up) There's plenty of fantasy blogs and stuff out there already. Ever heard of the SFWA? Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. It's, like, an OFFICIAL thing.

Sunny said...

I love almost all the genres, but fantasy is probably my favorite. I die every time I hear someone say "I'm sick of fantasy" because how can you get sick of it? :)

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