Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Waiting --a poem

I happened to be going through my old journal and found this poem.  I should warn you that I am terrible with poetry --even now.  However, I thought I would share it with you anyways.

Hoping for someone 
To save me from
The cruel, cruel
Shadows in the world;
Wishing for anyone
To come just so
I don't have to be 
In this cold place alone.
I can see the hill tops
Waiting for me.  No more
Of this darkness because you can
Make it all disappear.
Waiting to know
What's real and true.
Sometimes there's isn't always a light,
But sometimes...
Sometimes we have to fight out own battles.
I'm waiting for so much,
But wait...
There you are!
You're right outside my room...
As I said, that poem pretty much sucked.  So when you guys leave your comments try to be nice.  I warned you that it was not going to be a masterpiece.  I just happened to find this poem and thought, "Hey, I can share this with everyone on my blog."
Happy writing,


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