Monday, July 26, 2010

New layout coming SOON & word count goal

A new layout is coming soon to the blog.  Since the one I have right now is only a given Blogger template, Lala over at Lala Land suggested that I get a better one.  She will be making the layout for me and soon it will be up.
I can give you an idea of what it is going to look like....
Botanical Bliss
There it is!  I'm very excite and once I have it up this is the layout that is going to stay.

Now on to my word count goal...
As you might have noticed I put in a word counter for The Magic of Light and Cursed with Power.  I will not be posting up Certain Fate or Everblue until later on because right now they are on the shelf anyways.
You may have also noticed that The Magic of Light is completely "finished".  I am saying this only for now, though in truth it's not because I need to re-edit it a lot.
Also, the word count goal I have set for Cursed with Power is 80,000.  I think this is a fairly decent word count that I would like to get to and possibly go past.  If I could finish the story with over 80,000 words that would wonderful.  It's just something for me to work towards while I'm writing this story, but that word count is not solid stone.  In other words, if I get farther than 80,000 I may change the word count goal I have set for myself or whatnot.
Anyways, I just thought I'd explain that so there wasn't any confusion.
Happy writing,


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