Friday, July 23, 2010

To you guys who are amazing

Since Riv gave me this award I am apparently supposed to pass it on to people who mean a lot to me on my blog.

So anyways, keep reading to find out if you got an award!  I picked five people who either are either following this blog or have inspired me in someway or another.

Riv Re of Fantasy Fanatic  She is a constant follower of this blog and always leaves comments.  Her blog is interesting to read and though she denies it, she actually does have a great sense of humor. Not only that, but she's a hard-working writer and is part of my blogging staff on Write Here.

Lala of Lala Land.  Whatever would I do without her?  She's a excellent writer and has helped me more than I can thank her for on Write Here.  Besides that, I think she finds the best layouts for both blogs she manages; and let me tell you, Write Here's blog would be very boring without her helping with the design.  Plus, she comes on Write Here often and thank God for that because otherwise it might be a ghost town.

Elana Johnson of Elana Johnson, Author.  She's a wonderful writer who gets her posts on her blog interesting. Though sadly I do not get to comment often on her blog, I do read it and she usually has some great posts going on. Thanks for the advise you've given out, Elana.

Muffin Hero of Write Here.  Though she hasn't made a blog yet, she is going to soon and personally I cannot wait!  She's my best friend and probably the greatest artist I know. She's always willing to do several drawings for my story covers, and they always turn out amazing.  She also will be part of the blogging staff for Write Here soon.  If it wasn't for her sense of humor and willingness to read my work, who knows where I would be now.

Carole Gunn of Write Here.  While Carole also does not have a blogger profile, I have to give her this award as well because she is a wonderful writer and one of the best writing friends online I have.  She's always willing to listen to my new, crazy ideas and she understands when I'm feeling down about a rejection letter. Carole, one day you and I will both have our stories published; I'm sure of it.

So thank you to all of the people I listed above. If you didn't get an award, please do not take it personally. I have a lot of people to thank, and it is all of you (both mentioned above and reading this) that I will forever have to thank for getting me farther in my career as a writer and so forth.
If you have a blog and you got an award, please do take your award and pass it on to people who you want to thank.

Happy writing,


Anonymous said...

OHH! MY first award! I feel special! This is so going on Lala Land!

Riv Re said...

(Part of the award givign process is to let the receivers know they got an award. Meaning, go pop in at the other 3)

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