Friday, July 2, 2010

Certain Fate & Everblue

I wanted to make this post because I know I keep saying that chapter four of Certain Fate and chapter eleven of Everblue will be up soon, and yet it seems like they are still not up. Well, that is because they aren't. I have one page typed up so far for chapter eleven of Everblue, and I have three pages typed up for chapter four of Certain Fate.
Right now because I'm so involved with figuring out how to finish chapter three of Cursed with Power I do not know when I really will have those chapters done. I think that just currently I do not want to try and put Cursed with Power aside because I'm worried that if I do I'll lose where I was going with the novel.
So for any of you out there who were reading either Certain Fate or Everblue, do not misunderstand and take this as me putting down writing these two novels. I am still writing them, but as of right now I am kind of taking a break from them so I can get all my ideas down for Cursed with Power.
As always I promise to keep you updated about everything I'm doing with all of my novels. I am hoping later I can put up a new post about Cursed with Power that I thought out yesterday.
I've been working really hard on Cursed with Power, so once you can read on IP please try to do so. I appreciate all of the support.

Happy writing,


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