Wednesday, July 28, 2010

chapter 12 UPLOADED

Book JacketI managed to finish chapter twelve today. It will be a while before chapter thirteen is up, but in the mean time you can read what is posted up.
What secrets lie in the diamond?  Was it really Dyanna who gave Celestria the mysterious item?  Are there answers to the seemingly endless list of questions that Celestria is coming across?
You can try to answer these questions yourself when you read Cursed with Power.  There is so much more Celestria is coming to realize as the story moves along, and there is also a lot more that she is noticing she does not know.
How much longer can Celestria go on like this?
Find out when you read the story!
Read it. Review it. Comment it. Add it.

P.S. You won't be hearing from me again until I come back from Otakon.  So sometime around August 1st or 2nd I will hopefully get to post again.


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