Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why do chapters take so long to be uploaded?

Riv asked me in an earlier post why it is that is seems the chapters for Cursed with Power takes so long to be up on IP.  So instead of making a very long comment to her that might bore her halfway through reading it, I decided to write a post explaining it.
Here's what happens...

  1. I write the chapter --usually I try and finish the whole chapter just so then it's completely finished and I don't have to make comments saying it's not.
  2. I upload the chapter.
  3. I print out the chapter and review and edit it.
  4. I put the edits in the next morning to the chapter.
  5. Upload the chapter again
So you see, this is why is seems like it takes a while for my chapters to get up.  So when I say that I have the edits up, understand this means that the chapter is already finished but I've just looked it over and fixed things here and there because alas my writing is not perfect.
I am going to have to of course review the chapters again and again once I have the story finished, but for now it's kind of a two-day thing I spend with each chapter.
I usually try to blog that a new chapter is up as soon as it is uploaded, but sometimes I am kept from doing so.
All in all, I am just trying to fix what I see that is really bothering me before saying the chapter is all done and done.  Hopefully this will count worth something when you guys get to reading the book.  As always, though, there will be more edits I will have to go through before the story's ready for publication or anything like such.  First things first, I have to finish the story.
I thank you if you are joining me on this journey as I work hard and feverishly to finish Cursed with Power so that you will be able to read it as much as your heart desires to.  As always, I am interested in what you think and if you should ever have a question that you feel has not been answered about the book, something on my blog, or whatever else comes to mind feel free to ask away.

When you do get to reading Cursed with Power please consider telling me your thoughts so far on Celestria.  I'm interested in how you feel about her.
Happy writing,

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Riv Re said...

You do line edits every night? They're very unimportant. Unless you mean the big revisions and cut outs, in which case you need a lot more than 6 chapters.

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