Monday, July 12, 2010

Character Monday: Adam & River (PART ONE)

(Adam enters.)

RIVER (talking to another man): No, that’s really not what it’s about. You see it’s all a matter of focus and aim. If you aim with focus you won’t miss.

MAN: How can you be so sure?

RIVER: Trust me, friend, I am River James and I have never missed in my whole life.

ADAM (whistles): That’s quite a statement you’ve made there, sir.

RIVER: Who are you?

ADAM: Sir Adam of King William’s castle.

RIVER: What kind of knight are you? Do you always get into people’s business like this?

ADAM (laughs): No, I was just walking by and happened to overhear what you were saying.

MAN (nervous): Good day to you both. I’ve got to go.

(The man leaves in a hurry.)

RIVER: It seems I’m not the only one you upset…

ADAM: Most people to get nervous when the king’s men are out and about. I suppose they worry we’ll find out they’ve done some evil deed.

RIVER: I suppose…

ADAM: So tell me, River, wasn’t it? Tell me, did you really mean what you said to that man.

RIVER: That I never miss when I go hunting? Of course I did; I may be a lot of things, but I am certainly no liar, sir.

ADAM (curious): That’s interesting… You know, King William could use a man like you.


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