Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A writer

A writer is not defined by how many books they write....

They are defined by how many people they touch with the words they have written on paper.
I just put this up on my blog because this is a quote from me that I thought I would share.  I always see a lot on people's blogs, but I suppose you could say that I am trying to put some more of me into the blog with my own quotes or stuff from my stories.

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A lot of people right away think of famous authors when you mention the word "writer", but in truth anyone can be a writer.  Heck, if you're reading this you're probably one yourself.  There are so many struggles you have to face when you're a writer.  Even after you get past the challenge with writing something that's good your journey is far from being over.  After that you have to start mailing agencies and publishers, and before you know it you have your own folder in your email and a drawer in your dresser for rejection letters.
In the end, though, so long as you keep trying and you keep reaching for those stars in the sky you will make it to the top.  Those people who have always supported you and have always believed in you will tell you much of the same.
What I'm telling you in today's post is nothing new.  You already knew that you could eventually become a published author....
Sometimes, though, I think we all need to be reminded that we can get through the publishing doors and out into the world because it's hard.  You know?  Often you want to give up, and I think for myself and every other unpublished author it never hurts to hear again that we will get somewhere and soon.
Happy writing,

Keep climbing that mountain or keep looking out to the stars.  My fellow writers, you can get your story anywhere you want so long as you hold fast to your dreams and hold strong to your confidence and determination.
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