Friday, July 2, 2010

The coming of chapter three!

"These Dark magicians terrorizing us..."

It's the words Celestria heard that come back to haunt her when she enters the place she expected more of.

In chapter three of Cursed with Power you learn more about Celestria. You start to learn more about the kinds of people Celestria has been around. And... Celestria meets one man she fails to realize to be who she is looking for. (Whoa, spoiler!)
What do you do when you have a terrible power? How can you ever escape that when you've already gotten so used to it?
Read Celestria's story because she'll tell it all to you. She will tell you about her power, and she will tell you all the darkness involved with it.

Are you ready for more? Celestria is about to reveal it to you, so get ready.

Chapter three of Cursed with Power will be uploading on inkpop soon. Be ready.

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