Sunday, July 11, 2010

Enjoy your writing

Admit it. Seriously, admit it. Sometimes writing can be challenging. It can be driving you crazy. You start to think that what you're writing is terrible. BUT you don't always have to think that.
No matter how hard it gets when you are writing --especially when you've just began writing a new story--you can always enjoy what you are writing. There are a lot of ways you can do this that you probably already do, but I just thought I would share with you some ways to enjoy writing. And for those of you who don't really like to write much at all, who knows this might let you change your opinion.
I have bulleted the ways you can enjoy writing so it won't seem like there is oh so much. However, I am sure there will be anyways.
  • Keep writing. I think Stephen King even said this once. No matter how frustrated you might get sometimes with what you are working on you shouldn't give up. If you are really getting stressed over a project you're working on take a break from it and write something else. In times like those it could really hurt your writing if you just all together stop. Sometimes just writing out all of your ideas or telling everyone about your project can help things smooth over again.
  • Write about your writing. You should never feel that you cannot share your work with the rest of the world. Post your projects on websites such as IP or FictionPress so you can get feedback. You don't have to stop their either. Most of you already have blog where you talk about your projects, and if you have a lot of followers who stay up to date with that then that's great. It always helps to have someplace you can talk endlessly about your projects. Somehow by doing so you feel like your story is really getting out there to a lot of people...
  • Don't be afraid of writing too much. Whether you can fit in all the dialog you come up with for your story or no, never feel that you are limited on what the characters can say or you can narrate. As I always say, you can never have too much detail.
  • Listen to other writers but also feel free to question. We all get reviews on our stories from time to time and it's important to read those reviews over and take them seriously, however if there is something the writer mentions that you don't quite understand you can ask them what they mean. I have done this several times, and writers have also done the same to me.
  • Keep your fans updated. If someone really is into your story, ask them if they would like to be updated on when you do something new with the story. By keeping readers updated they will be more likely to return to your story and hopefully give you more advice and so forth. And who doesn't like reviews?
  • Share with your friends. When you have no one else to tell about your project you can always just send your friends a quick email or text. If they're truly good friends they will at least read what you say.
And that's about all for now that I'm going to say otherwise this will turn into a very long post.

Happy writing,


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