Saturday, July 24, 2010

I put hands up in the air sometimes, singing eh-oh there's an echo

Does anyone else find that the "Dynamite" song is very easy to get stuck in your head?  (Oh, the randomness of that)...
I fixed the "Now working on" page so you can look at it and not get confused.  The two stories I have listed as "on the shelf" are Everblue and Certain Fate.  For any of you who were really excited to read more of those projects and are now upset, please do not worry.  Those two novels are only "on the shelf" right now because I'm working on Cursed with Power.  I am going to go back and finish those novels, but I do not know exactly when yet.  I know I need to at least get Certain Fate up to 10,000 words because it's still not public on IP yet.
Did I tell you the exciting exciting news? When I went to upload chapter seven to Cursed with Power on IP yesterday I saw that now the book is on three pick lists.  I am very glad and excited about that.  I know it's only three, but for me that matters a lot.  I take every new addition to a pick list and a watch list as something more than what probably most people do.  Of course, it will be a long while before my story gets out of the darkness and into the light, if you catch my meaning.  If you're reading this and doing nothing else, why not stop by and find out for yourself what Cursed with Power is all about.  Read it here. 
Remember, the end results of the first battle in Cursed with Power should be up by this afternoon or this evening at the latest.  There's a lot more battling to happen before the story's over. But I don't want to say too much more or I'll give something away!
And if you read Cursed with Power I promise to return the favor and read something of yours.
Happy writing,


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