Friday, July 16, 2010

Covers for the Magicians series

I don't think I've ever shown these on my blog, as in directly saying, "Look, I made these!" So I am going to now. However, these covers are not that amazing because I made them on Polyvore, so it was just simply putting a lot of pictures together...

I put the covers in order of the books (1-5):.
Cursed with Power
(This was actually the cover that made me decide to have Celestria have red hair and so forth. And let's admit it, in the picture the woman looks like she is doing some kind of Dark magic anyways.)

New Life
(This was what me decide to have Léal's eyes be blue.... and also why Celestria takes notice of those first before anything else. I know that the eye could be questionable of whether it is a man's or woman's but it was hard enough to find this picture so I'll live with it either way.)

A Greater Destiny
(I loved the two moons colliding in this picture! Who knows.... maybe you'll read something about that...?)

Secrets We Share
(This took me forever to find because I actually didn't know what I wanted Alaire's cover to be like. Anyways, I thought it was an interesting cover because the "stallion" in this picture is actually a unicorn and it is almost walking off the edge of a cliff, so it would seem. Guess it's all for when you get to the book to find out more about.)

Gracien's Staircase
(This cover is probably the most mysterious and most Gothic-looking because it is the last story in the series. The last story in the series you may find to reveal the most and end the most shockingly. Be prepared.)
Hope you liked the covers! Remember to start reading the first book in the series now, Cursed with Power. I am typing up chapter five. Well, I have some of chapter five typed up...

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