Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I've began this new process for Cursed with Power in which I write up the dialog that goes on in the chapters of the story, and then after that I start typing it all up with the narration.

This seems to be moving me along a bit faster, since now I have a rough draft of kind of what will already be in the chapter.
I suppose the bad part about this is that there is a lot of dialog I have been writing up and I know that some of it may have to be taken out. I really hate when I have to cut dialog out because sometimes you come up with those great conversations between two characters but then when you look at the chapter in your novel you go, "Oh great, I can't even fit it in!" After all of that work and thinking, it's not going to get into the story and no one may ever see it. It's kind of sad when you start thinking about it.
Another bad thing I suppose you could say that adds on when you come up with the dialog first is finding the right kind of narration to have during the dialog. Sometimes you are really going with dialog, but man, oh man, can the narration slow you down.
Perhaps narration is something we all should start thinking about before the dialog? Can you really start thinking out the narration before the dialog? (Hmm, I don't know about that)...

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