Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What you want me to say that I don't say

Book JacketThough the book got on 9 watch lists today, it is now up to a rank of 942.

I guess that's not all that bad though, considering...
I began typing up chapter twelve today.  Also, Cursed with Power received a new comment today.  A lot of people seem to like that the story is pretty much the complete opposite of what every other fantasy book is like. And I mean, let's admit it... there really aren't that many books that focus on the bad magicians when there are good ones.  Which is exactly why I made the story the way I did.

What about the diamond Celestria found?!
I know that when Celestria found the diamond it did not seem like that much of an important event, but as you guys are going to find out as you read on... There's more to that diamond that appears to the naked eye.  I can't really give away any spoilers, though --I mean, I could but I am keeping myself from doing so--and it is left to you to read the book and find out what is so significant about that diamond.  Was it really something Dyanna gave Celestria?  And if so, what does that mean for Dyanna?  Is Dyanna still alive?  Is she dead and now a ghost?
So many questions to still be answered.  You'll have to wait until you read the words of Celestria's story to find out whatever more you can.

And you know what I did yesterday evening that was so ironic?!  I was writing up dialog for New Life!  For those of you who are reading this now and saying, "I don't get it..." I'll just tell you know that New Life is the second book in the Magicians series that focuses on Léal's story.  Oh well, at least I wrote it down somewhere so when I write that story later it will be on paper, waiting to be typed up.
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